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'All different, all the same'

We may all look so different,
We all have different names,
Some live in big mansions,
Others in shell frames,
We all know different happenings,
Of famine, poverty, pain,
'Cause even though we're different,
Our lives are all the same.

We all love friends and family,
Our wants are all the same,
For peace and understanding,
A chance to live and gain.
So if outwardly we look different,
Inside we are the same,
Cause even tho' we're different,
Our lives are all the same.

'All different, all the same'

I am bright and you are brighter,
But we are all the same.
Your eyes are blue and mine are black,
But we are all the same.
Your hair is brown and mine is black,
But we are all the same.
Your skin is soft and mine is hard,
But we are all the same.
You are black and I am white,
But we are all the same.
In God's eyes we are all the same.

'All different, all the same'

You are you and I am me,
Everybody likes to be free,
From torture, famine, poverty, pain,
'Cause even though we're different,
Our hearts are the same.

We live for family, friends and fun,
It matters not where we come from,
Whether we're rich or very poor,
So long as we love and do some good.

Tight curls, bright curls, blue eyes, brown,
Dark skin, bright skin, nicely tanned,
Can make us different in the eyes of some,
Who are too blind to see the sameness in all.

So yes, we are all different, yet the same,
Why should we cause each other pain?
Lets live together in peace and love,
While embracing the differences and sameness in all.

'Difriúil, ach mar an gcéanna'

Páiste mór, páiste beag,
Páiste ard 's íseal,
Páiste bán, páiste dubh,
Páiste gan aon fhiacal.

Gruaig fada, gruaig gearr,
Gruaig catach is díreach,
Ribín álainn ar cheann Róisin,
Níl rib ar bith ar Mhícheál.

Páiste ón Rúis, páiste ón tSín
Páiste eile ón Phólainn,
Le chéile atá muid mar chlann mór amháin,
Ag foghlaim 's ag spreagadh a chéile,
'Difriúil ach mar an gcéanna'

'Difriúil, ach mar an gcéanna'

Mise is tusa is cosúil linn,
Níl aon difríocht eadrainn,
Is breá liomsa cuidiú leat,
Is breá leatsa cuidiú liom,
Mar is mar an gcéanna an bheirt againn.

Ní labhraíonn tú an taon teanga liom,
Níl dath do shúile mar aon liom,
Do ghruaig chomh dorcha le guail,
Mise chomh bán leis an sneachta,
Ach is cara muid leis na cianta,
Is cuma linn faoi difriúil ná éagsúlacht.

Tá clann agat cosúil liom,
Ag smaoineadh ort gach lá,
Ag guí go bhfuil tú slán 's soar,
Saor ó buartha an tsaoil.

An duine a fheiceann difríocht eadrainn,
Eiseann atá 'as céim',
Go dtiocfaidh an lá ina dtuigeann sé -
'Difriúil ach mar an gcéanna'

'All different, all the same'

We may look very different,
We may speak a different tongue,
We may come from different corners,
But our dreams are all as one.

To live, to love
Have friends, have fun,
To help and include everyone.

So even tho' were different,
Our hearts are all the same,
So let's join hands together,
In one big world wide game.

'All different, all the same'

d - different
i - inclusive
f - friendly
f - funny
e - equal
r - respectful
e - energetic
n - natural
t - tolerant

All the

s - smart
a - able
m - musical, magic
e - excellent

'All different, all the same'

Our classroom is a blaze of colour,
A rainbow shimmering in the sun,
Colours blending all together-
An unbroken circle of friendship and fun.

Happy faces from all nations,
Names so different from our own,
Dark eyes, bright eyes, black curls, blondies,
Pulses beating all as one.

In our school we love and cherish,
All that's best in everyone,
Making good things always happen,
Laughing, learning, having fun.

Whoever fails to embrace what's different,
Is the one who needs to change,
'Cause in our school we are all different,
But everyday we celebrate 'SAME'

'All different, all the same'

We all share a common dream,
To live a life of peace and joy,
A place our folk can find a space,
And our children's lives are free of strife.

We may speak a different language,
We may dress a different way,
We may do all things differently,
In all our special ways.

When we laugh and cry,
Smile and find joy,
True friendship will appear
And negative distant coldness
Is replaced with love and cheer.

So let's celebrate being different,
And likewise with the 'same',
Embracing all the differences,
To discover were all the same.

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